A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Verify Your Facebook Brand

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If you want to live stream to Facebook, you'll need to set up your stream on Facebook's side.


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up Facebook's side to anticipate your broadcast and go live at a scheduled event


Step 1: Log in to Your Facebook Business Account

Go to Facebook and log in to your account. If you don't have an account, you must create one first.

Go to https://business.facebook.com


Step 2: Go to Facebook Live Producer

Once logged in, from the upper left side menu, make sure you are logged in to the correct Facebook brand.

On the right of the "Create post" button, select the "More" dropdown menu, and select "Go live".


Step 3: Select the "Go live" Tab

The website will show you all the options for live streaming on Facebook.

Toggle "Create a test broadcast before going live" to your preference.

Click on the "Select" button


Step 4: Choose "Streaming software"

Select "streaming software" video source if it is not already selected.


Step 5: Access Your Stream Keys

Scroll down to the "Streaming software setup" section.

Click on the "Advanced Settings" drop-down menu.

Make sure the "Persistent stream key" is toggled blue (enabled)

Make sure the "Backup stream key" is toggled blue (enabled)

Here, you'll find your Stream Keys.


Step 6: Copy and Paste Your Persistent Stream Key

Click on the "Copy" button to copy the Persistent Stream Key to your clipboard.

Paste the Persistent Stream Key to your StreamCot Profile at https://streamcot.com/profile/facebook/live/


Step 7: Copy and Paste Your Backup Stream Key

In Facebook Live Producer again:

Click on the "Copy" button to copy the Backup Stream Key to your clipboard.

Paste the Backup Stream Key to your StreamCot Profile at https://streamcot.com/profile/facebook/live


Click on "I'm not a robot" and then "submit"


That's it! You now know how to find and set up your Facebook Stream Keys with StreamCot.

Remember, if you ever need to reset your Stream Key, you can do so by clicking the "Reset" button.


What's next?


First, you must be subscribed to enable live streaming with StreamCot.


StreamCot offers a 7-day free trial with all subscriptions. You can upgrade or cancel at any time.

Learn more at the pricing page: https://streamcot.com/#pricing


After that, enable both YouTube and Facebook in-app Connection settings to simulcast to both YouTube and Facebook simultaneously.



Happy streaming!


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